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Honey House Naturals Beeswax body Care

Honey House Naturals is a small company in the Pacific Northwest that makes natural beeswax based body care products. All their products are naturally “Green”, with all natural and mostly local ingredients utilized in manufacturing.Honey-Bee-Bar-lotion

The Bee Lotion Bars from Honey House Naturals contain the highest quality ingredients from the best sources. Filled with nutrient-rich Shea Butter, Jojoba, Beeswax, Lanolin, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Kukui Nut Oil, and Pomegranate.

Another great item is the Belly Bar in two sizes. Originally developed for expectant mothers, the natural Belly Bar is perfect for anyone’s dry itchy skin. Contains five vitamin-rich butters: Shea, Avocado, Aloe, Mango and Cocoa, that work together to nourish tight, damaged skin. Combined with Meadowfoam, Calendula, and Raspberry Essential Oils that enrich with omega fatty acids to heal dry scaling skin. Beeswax and Lanolin seal in all these natural emollients to keep them working for a long time. This indulgent Belly Bar Lotion will leave skin soft and supple, sealing in the moisture to protect even the most vulnerable skin. Both the Bee Bars and the Belly Bars are:

  • Made without petroleum or artificial colors
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Water Free, and will not dry out
  • All natural fragrance
  • U.S. Made in the Pacific Northwest

Zanadia also offers Lip Balms and sumptuous Honey Blossom Soaps from Honey House Naturals. Moisturizing and creamy, this triple milled natural soap bars are overflowing with Royal Jelly, Shea Butter and Honey to rejuvenate and freshen dry tired skin. Vitamin E a natural antioxidant and Olive Oil condition and protect. This natural gentle soap will cleanse, condition and rehydrate thirsty skin.

Beeswax is a byproduct of hive manufacturing by bees and has been used over history as an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and an anti-irritant product.

Mixed with other natural butters and oils, the beeswax not only provides its own benefits, but serves to seal in the other protective a restorative against your skin for maximum effect and benefit. The Belly Bar utilizes these benefits to relive the itchy dry skin of expectant moms that is associated with pregnancy.

Linnea’s Lights Candles

Linnea’s Lights Candles are Hand poured natural soy wax candles with double wicks for extra fragrance throw, and a magical effect to the two dancing flames. Every Linnea’s Lights candle is hand crafted in small batches with premium oils using only all natural soy wax. Some of the features of these candles are:Linneas-Lights-Blue-Agave

  • All Natural Soy Wax that burns cleanly allowing for an even fragrance throw
  • Premium Fragrance infusion
  • Double lead-free cotton wicks
  • an included decorative matchbox
  • Recycled packaging materials and is poured in recyclable glass tumbler
  • Hand stamped with water based inks

With an artful skill in fragrance blending, seemingly simple, yet complex fragrances are achieved

some of our favorite Linnea’s Lights fragrances are:

  • Blue Agave, with refreshing & clean with notes of citrus, floral & soft woods
  • Pomegranate, with sparkling pomegranate and hints of citrus and fruit
  • Yuzu, a refreshing & luscious Japanese grapefruit with exotic fruits ^ watery green notes
  • French Pear, a juicy and delicious fragrance like a ripe Anjou Pear with a touch of spice
  • Black Vanilla, a nostalgic & warm vanilla fragrance with notes of patchouli & Tonka bean
  • Moss, an earthy & sensual blend of oak moss, Sandalwood & other woods.Othe fragrances in the line include Bamboo, Cashmere, Cassis, Currant Rouge, Lemon Verbena, Linden, Magnolia, Sweet Grass, & Tuberose.

The name Linnea (Lynn in English) is a nod to the national flower of Sweden, and is the Linneasname sake Lynn Manley and her daughter Laura Cler that created this elegant and beautiful candle line. Throughout her life, Lynn maintained a passion for fragrance & luxury items, and was inspired to create her own line of candles. Partnering with her daughter Laura, with experiences in private label buying/purchasing, and years in the management of key strategic partnerships within several channels the Levi Strauss & co, Lynn and Laura created what is to become Linnea’s Lights, an environmentally mindful candle company with an outlook towards nature.

Archipelago Boticario de Havana

Boticario-de-HavanaIn the 1940’s the world flocked to Havana. From Hemingway to Hollywood, they came for the night life, but left with the secrets of the small apothecaries – or “boticarias” – that dotted the side streets of the city. Blended with natural ingredients like coffee bean and tobacco flower, and pure essences and extracts of orange, sugar cane and sweet pineapple – the chemists crafted their own formulations to promote beautiful, soft and healthy looking skin. Today we know those ingredients contain the alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidants and other agents that actively moisturize, hydrate and reduce the redness associated with dry, rough skin.

Enjoy the daily rituals of the boticarias in this new Boticario de Havana collection from Archipelago.

Collection elements are formulated with different essences and ingredients for maximum benefit to your skin. The Boticario de Havana Body Lotion contains Jojoba Esters, Sugar Cane, Pineapple & Orange Oil for a glowing, healthy, vibrant skin. The Soap has coffee exfoliants, and the Bath Oil contains Orange Oil, Coffee Oil & Vitamin E and is ideal to use after a bath or shower for a soft healthy skin, and makes for a great massage oil. The Boticario de Havana Perfume has a clean citrusy fragrance with notes of extract of Orange Blossom, Patchouli, Bergamot & Honeysuckle..

The Archipelago Havana Candle has always been the most popular Archipelago candle. Formulated with Bergamot, Cuban Tobacco Leaf & Ylang-Ylang, the fragrance exudes a rich and warm fragrance that has endured the test of time, and remains a top seller after many years.

The packaging on this collection is a clean classic look in the dark brown bottles, with attention to details like the unique flip top cover on the body balm for easy convenient access, and the aluminum tubes for the hand and shaving creams. This collection will be a beautiful addition to your bath decor, and become a daily ritual is your beauty regiment.

Thymes Offerings Candles

Celebrate the connections that matter most.

The Thymes Offerings Candles are a testimony to the importance of the relationships in our lives. They are an emotion more than an object, a scent to evoke a feeling or kindle a fond memory. They are the start of a conversation between friends, a catalyst to Thymes-Offerings-Abundancemold experiences into being and an inspiration to live each moment completely.

Eight carefully crafted Offerings fragrance captures the sentiment of what you want to share. Personalize each beautiful package with your own inspired message.

The scents in the Thymes Offerings Collection include:

  • Peace: Watery cyclamen and white lilies sway gracefully among blond woods while white musk creates a delicate finish.
  • Good Luck: inspiring notes of spicy pink peppercorn, Kashmir saffron and sweet frankincense dance on a graceful base of sandalwood.
  • Thankfulness, A decadent treat of velvety cream and warm milk enveloping sweet notes of bourbon vanilla, rich caramel, and tender peach.
  • Happiness: A cheery compote of plump raspberries, tart rhubarb and spicy sugarcane lovingly tempered with delicate sweet pea blossoms.
  • Friendship: Warm and inviting red tea and Magnolia fig re gently wrapped in cashmere musk and comforting sandalwood.
  • Love: Captivating floral essences of heady tuberose and dewy jasmine mingle with golden apricot nectar and exotic Hinoki wood.
  • Abundance: A lavish blend of intoxicating Ylang-Ylang, Bulgarian rose, and earthy iris infused with opulent Tonka bean and clove.
  • Good Health: the best offering any of us can receive. “ A restorative blend that combines healing aromas of rosemary and basil witOfferingsh tender jasmine petals and clarifying lemon blossom.

The nine ounce glass containers are frosted and have a soft golden ivory glow when lit. Embossed on each glass is the symbol of each offering.

We all had friends, family and partners who deserved these incredible candles personalized with message from our hearts. Where to begin! Love is great for Valentines Day. Friendship, Thankfulness, and Happiness covers any birthday. The concept of a personalized message with the soft glow and clean burn of these candles have made them an instant favorite around the Zanadia office.

Candle Burning Tips

We all love to burn candles around our home, some of us more religiously than others. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your candles and make them last longer, whether you are using Pillar Candles, or candles in containers.

Wickman wick Trimmer
Wickman wick Trimmer
  • Always trim the wick, to 1/4 inch the first time, and before relighting. A Wickman Wick Trimmer will cut the wick and remove the cut part, preventing it from falling in the wax. Some wicks are self trimming,kind of like self-heading flowers.
  • Burn the candle until the top surface is liquefied. Burning for short periods at a time, causes tunneling, where the candle burns straight down, wasting valuable wax aroundthe edges.
  • Burn two or three different scents to create your own special fragrance combination. Combine different notes of earthy, floral, and rich scents, for a combination that is all yourown.
  • Your candle will scent the room even when not burning and fragrance oils in candles do evaporate over time. If you will not be using a candle for a long time, seal it with a cover, or plastic wrap and store in a climate controlled area.
  • To reuse spent candle containers, fill them in a bucket of very warm water, for fifteen minutes. Keep the water at one inch below the rim of the candle container. The wax should be soft enough to remove with a dull knife and take care not pour melted wax down the drain. Now you can wash the left over residue in very warm water.
  • Never let the flame reach the sides of glass containers. If the wick moved sideways, you
    Wickman wick dipper
    Wickman wick dipper

    can re-center it with an old metal utensil ora Wickman wick dipper, while the wax is melted.

  • Stop burning the candle at half an inch above the bottom. The flame can break glass containers if it reached the bottom.
  • Always burn candles safely and keep out of the reach of children.

New Voluspa Candles Maison Collection

Voluspa Candles just introduced the New Maison Blanc and Maison Noir Collections. This new Voluspa Candles collection of eight black and eight white themed fragrances each comes in five items.

Voluspa Maison Candles & Room-Body Spray
Voluspa Maison Candles & Room-Body Spray

The packaging designs on the Voluspa Maison Candles collection is reminiscent of classic cosmetics boxes and graphics.

  • A 12 Oz over sized candle in a hand made cased glass container. This candle is packaged in a gift box that is worthy of collecting and keeping. These candles will burn for 100 hours filling your home with amazing fragrances.
  • A small 1.7 Oz votive that comes in a cosmetics glass jar with a screw lid. This votive candle is perfect for traveling or to try new fragrances. It will also make for a good quick gift for favors or stocking stuffers.
  • A 3.5 Oz pump room-body spray in a clear glass container. Packaged in a cylindrical slide tube box like expensive perfumes.
  • Voluspa took their run-away successful three wick tins from the Voluspa Japonica collection and made them a little smaller with two wicks instead of three. The price is also less. The two wicks throw more fragrance into your room, and create more light shadows for amazing effects.
  • A tall and slender ceramic jar with a hinged lid. The lid has openings to allow the fragrance to be released, although it is advised not to burn these candles with the lid closed. both the lid and container have brass rims for finish the luxurious look.

The fragrances of the Maison Collection are complex blends of some basic and many exotic ingredients. Three of the fragrances from the Voluspa Basics collection, that sadly will be retired, will caryy over to the new collection. These are the Voluspa Crisp Champagne, the Voluspa Vervaine Olive Leaf, and Voluspa Saijo Persimmon. Other fragrances resemble existing fragrances with a twist. The Vacarro Orange & Myrhh is similar to the Italian Tangelo with a bit more depth, the Black Figue & Chypre is a milder version the the Cardamon Fig. The Orangerie d’ Azahar is based on orange Blossoms oils like the Dahlia Orange Blossom candle. The Gardenia Colonia is a purer version of the Yashioka Gardenia. Laguna, is an oceanic fragrance the reminds us of the long retired and missed Aqua Deluxe.
Some of the new fragrances are the decadent Macaron, the sultry and a bit masculine Suede Blanc, the Amber Lumiere, which mixes rich amber with subtle hints of patchouli.

This collection is tour de force in fragrance and package design. Voluspa candles has done it again by introducing a collection that will stand out above the rest in the crowded world of decorative candles.

Erbaviva. Luxury organic skin care

Not all organic products are created equal!

These days it is vogue to claim to be natural or organic, however only a few actually qualify for these statements. As of now there

Quease Ease Lip Balm

is no standard certification for organic skin care products, so Organic Skincare must meet the same organic requirements that food products go through.
Erbaviva baby products were born to be natural and organic and many do sport the USDA Organic seal, the best current approval standard. From the natural soapless baby wash pouches to Organic body washes and organic room and body sprays these products are made with pure natural ingredients that are as wholesome as they are good to use.

For mommy there are Stretch Mark cremes and oils, where the oils are packed with Nitrogen gas for optimum freshness as the day

they were made, to the now famous Quease Ease Lip Balm. This great product works to settles mommy’s stomach during pregnancy, but is also good after a late night at the local pub!

The ingredients make all the difference!

As an example, Erbaviva’s natural shampoos are completely free from all harsh detergents ( no Sodium Laurel Sulphates, or anything remotely related to it). The main (natural) detergent is Olivoil Glutinate which is derived naturally from olive oil. A secondary mild detergent called Decyl Polyglucose (naturally extracted from corn) is used in this shampoo, and the foaminess of the shampoos and body washes is boosted with Quilaja extract, a completely natural extract from the Chilean Soap Bark Tree. We

Natural and Organic products
Natural and Organic products

feel confident that the Erbavivia shampoos, soaps and body washes are the most natural and mildest you will find.

It is time to experience some Pure Luxury!

All of our other raw ingredients, whether they be organic oats, organic milk , organic lavender flowers, organic echinacea etc., all have a remarkable story connected to how and where they are sourced. All in all, you can feel completely confident that we have brought some of nature’s best ingredients together to make Erbaviva the trustworthy brand it has become for you to enjoy the many benefits.