Linnea’s Lights Candles

Linnea’s Lights Candles are Hand poured natural soy wax candles with double wicks for extra fragrance throw, and a magical effect to the two dancing flames. Every Linnea’s Lights candle is hand crafted in small batches with premium oils using only all natural soy wax. Some of the features of these candles are:Linneas-Lights-Blue-Agave

  • All Natural Soy Wax that burns cleanly allowing for an even fragrance throw
  • Premium Fragrance infusion
  • Double lead-free cotton wicks
  • an included decorative matchbox
  • Recycled packaging materials and is poured in recyclable glass tumbler
  • Hand stamped with water based inks

With an artful skill in fragrance blending, seemingly simple, yet complex fragrances are achieved

some of our favorite Linnea’s Lights fragrances are:

  • Blue Agave, with refreshing & clean with notes of citrus, floral & soft woods
  • Pomegranate, with sparkling pomegranate and hints of citrus and fruit
  • Yuzu, a refreshing & luscious Japanese grapefruit with exotic fruits ^ watery green notes
  • French Pear, a juicy and delicious fragrance like a ripe Anjou Pear with a touch of spice
  • Black Vanilla, a nostalgic & warm vanilla fragrance with notes of patchouli & Tonka bean
  • Moss, an earthy & sensual blend of oak moss, Sandalwood & other woods.Othe fragrances in the line include Bamboo, Cashmere, Cassis, Currant Rouge, Lemon Verbena, Linden, Magnolia, Sweet Grass, & Tuberose.

The name Linnea (Lynn in English) is a nod to the national flower of Sweden, and is theĀ Linneasname sake Lynn Manley and her daughter Laura Cler that created this elegant and beautiful candle line. Throughout her life, Lynn maintained a passion for fragrance & luxury items, and was inspired to create her own line of candles. Partnering with her daughter Laura, with experiences in private label buying/purchasing, and years in the management of key strategic partnerships within several channels the Levi Strauss & co, Lynn and Laura created what is to become Linnea’s Lights, an environmentally mindful candle company with an outlook towards nature.

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