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Voluspa Room Spray Baltic Amber

Voluspa Baltic Amber room spray is back

The room sprays in the Voluspa Japonica collection have been re-introduced in new

beautiful packaging after an absence of over a year.  The re-introduction includes the old favorites of Goji & Tarocco, Santiago Huckleberry and Baltic Amber along the new fragrances of the Japonica collection.Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry spray

The Voluspa Baltic Amber has been a top favorite of customers with its rich Amber undertones and the creamy smooth Vanilla notes that warms your soul.

These sprays are formulated to use both as a room spray or as a body mist for a splash of fragrance

Voluspa Goji room spray

that will not overpower you.  The spray does not have the fixatives that perfumes have for a very long lasting effect, however you will still discern the fragrance hours later.

The new sprays come in an elegant square bottle with golden caps, and an embossed imprinted box that is beautiful enough to give with a simple bow and without wrapping.


New Zanadia YouTube Channel launched!

Zanadia has launched a Zanadia YouTube Channel that will cover and spotlight some of the candles, diffusers, artisan jewelry and body care lines and products that we offer at .

Some of the new videos added cover the Votivo Holiday Collection, DayNa Decker Chandels and Bath & Body products, the Aquiesse Alpine Meadow collection, and a short movie about the Niven Morgan collection of candles and body care products especially the ever so popular Gold Velveting hand creme.

You can see the videos directly on YouTube or through the Zanadia Facebook Page .   You can also subscribe to the YouTube Channel or follow Zanadia on Twitter for immediate notifications of new videos.