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Voluspa Vermeil Collection 2015

Voluspa Vermeil Collection 2015
Voluspa Vermeil Collection 2015

A new update to this popular Voluspa Candles collection.  The Corta Maison glass candle is now offered with a beautiful Star embellished gift box, but is also available without.  The Tin candles are now offered in a two wick oval containers instead of the previous three wick candle tins.  The mini tins also received a colorful face lift, and the glass candle containers now comes with gold accents on the inside which appears as gold flecks on the exterior for added drama.

The Voluspa Vermeil collection features modern pastels on reflective mirrored surfaces and the inside of each product reveals a surprise luxe gold color. A star embellishment is featured front and center on the container design and packaging.  The 1920’s inspired custom glass is designed for the optimum wax pool and cleanest burn.


  • Hand poured in USA
  • Proprietary Coconut Wax blend
  • Extremely clean burning – Up to 90% cleaner than Soy Wax.
  • Holds a high volume of fragrance
  • 100% cotton wicks
  • Pesticide-free.  No Phthalates & no Animal testing.

Voluspa Vermeil Candles Collection


By all accounts the Vermeil collection from Voluspa Candles will follow in the footsteps of the Maison collection as being a runaway success!  The combination of design and fragrance is again stunning.

The Vermeil collection uses a vintage mercury glass look in many shapes for the candle vessels.  The result looks very old Parisian in nature.

An old favorite that Voluspa has returned to the collection is Makassar Ebony Peach, a very rich sultry fragarance.  My Vermille candle of choice has been Branch during the holiday season, and including Valentine’s Day.  The Voluspa Branche Vermeil reminds me of Frost Pinecone from Voluspa’s discontinued Season’s Collection which has visions of a cold crisp day with hints of spruce and balsam.  Very winter refreshing!

Another fragrance in the collection is Champagne Rose which comes in a beautiful pink vermeil silver jar.  The scent is a combination of cassis berries poured over Brut Rose Champagne, with edible white rose petals.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, this will be an absolute favorite Voluspa-Champagne-Rose-candlescent.

The fragrance rich and warm fire roasted chestnuts that are peeled, crushed and blended with earthy Vetiver , Oakmoss and Golden Amber describes the Voluspa Chestnut and Vertiver.  It comes in a golden distressed and speckled vintage silver vermeille glass.  Adding instant warmth to any room.

Voluspa-Branche-vermeil-candleWhen the Seasons collection was retired, we lost the very popular Voluspa French Bourbon Vanille, fortunately it is also back in the Vermeille collection with its rich library and warm leather notes.

Voluspa candles have been given accolades from the famous and the media, but they are very affordable for everyday enjoyment.  Scent your world with luxury!

10 ways to create an ambiance with candles

Candles create a sense of warmth and create an elegant statement wherever they you use them. Here are 10 ways you can use candles to enhance your ambiance:

  1. Use candles in groupings. This creates more of an impact as opposed to setting a single candle on a table. However, do not place too many clustered very close together, as that will create an up-draft, which will cause the candles to smoke.
  2. Use scented candles to create a scent that will enhance the mood you are trying to achieve. Scents have been proven to evoke certain feelings that these days many stores, boutiques and even grocery stores, car dealerships and investment houses pump fragrances into their HVAC systems to enhance the shopping experience. Use this same technique in your home or office.
  3. Mix different fragrances to create a scent that is all your own. For a fresh spring scent Try mixing a berry scent like the Votivo Red Currant Candle with a citrus candle such as the Voluspa Saijo Persimmon
  4. For more a more exotic mood, mix the Votivo Teak candle with a musky scent such as the Trapp Amber and Bergamot candle
  5. For dinner parties keep the scents away from the dinner table. You do not want anything to interfere with the food you slaved over all day. Use unscented candle tapers, pillar candles or votives to create a warm glowing
    atmosphere for dining.Voluspa-Votivo-Archipelago-
  6. In the kitchen, you can use some scented candles that will complement your food. Try the Voluspa Candles created in cooperation with renowned chef James Boyce with scents like Sommelier, Vintage, Herb Garden, and Chef’s Special.
  7. Use color to set the tone and complement your accessories. Many designers will use neutrals on larger furniture pieces, and then use accessories to create color splashes. Use candles to create a pink and red theme for Valentine’s Day, a pastel display for Easter, or rich warm tones for Fall and Holiday.
  8. For parties use Tea-lights in small sandwich bags weighed down with some sand and set on your porch and the path to your house to set the mood. You can use old glass containers, or inexpensive cylindrical glass jars from a florist supply shop with tea-lights to carry the same effect inside the house.
  9. Use Pillar Candles in groupings on large decorative plates surrounded by evergreens, Camellia leaves and blossoms, or and glossy showy leaves from your garden for a stunning center piece.
  10. Use Reed Diffusers in place of candles if you have any fear of setting your house on fire. Candles are extremely safe when burned as directed and have been used for centuries for lighting and decoration.

Thymes Offerings Candles

Celebrate the connections that matter most.

The Thymes Offerings Candles are a testimony to the importance of the relationships in our lives. They are an emotion more than an object, a scent to evoke a feeling or kindle a fond memory. They are the start of a conversation between friends, a catalyst to Thymes-Offerings-Abundancemold experiences into being and an inspiration to live each moment completely.

Eight carefully crafted Offerings fragrance captures the sentiment of what you want to share. Personalize each beautiful package with your own inspired message.

The scents in the Thymes Offerings Collection include:

  • Peace: Watery cyclamen and white lilies sway gracefully among blond woods while white musk creates a delicate finish.
  • Good Luck: inspiring notes of spicy pink peppercorn, Kashmir saffron and sweet frankincense dance on a graceful base of sandalwood.
  • Thankfulness, A decadent treat of velvety cream and warm milk enveloping sweet notes of bourbon vanilla, rich caramel, and tender peach.
  • Happiness: A cheery compote of plump raspberries, tart rhubarb and spicy sugarcane lovingly tempered with delicate sweet pea blossoms.
  • Friendship: Warm and inviting red tea and Magnolia fig re gently wrapped in cashmere musk and comforting sandalwood.
  • Love: Captivating floral essences of heady tuberose and dewy jasmine mingle with golden apricot nectar and exotic Hinoki wood.
  • Abundance: A lavish blend of intoxicating Ylang-Ylang, Bulgarian rose, and earthy iris infused with opulent Tonka bean and clove.
  • Good Health: the best offering any of us can receive. “ A restorative blend that combines healing aromas of rosemary and basil witOfferingsh tender jasmine petals and clarifying lemon blossom.

The nine ounce glass containers are frosted and have a soft golden ivory glow when lit. Embossed on each glass is the symbol of each offering.

We all had friends, family and partners who deserved these incredible candles personalized with message from our hearts. Where to begin! Love is great for Valentines Day. Friendship, Thankfulness, and Happiness covers any birthday. The concept of a personalized message with the soft glow and clean burn of these candles have made them an instant favorite around the Zanadia office.

New Voluspa Candles Maison Collection

Voluspa Candles just introduced the New Maison Blanc and Maison Noir Collections. This new Voluspa Candles collection of eight black and eight white themed fragrances each comes in five items.

Voluspa Maison Candles & Room-Body Spray
Voluspa Maison Candles & Room-Body Spray

The packaging designs on the Voluspa Maison Candles collection is reminiscent of classic cosmetics boxes and graphics.

  • A 12 Oz over sized candle in a hand made cased glass container. This candle is packaged in a gift box that is worthy of collecting and keeping. These candles will burn for 100 hours filling your home with amazing fragrances.
  • A small 1.7 Oz votive that comes in a cosmetics glass jar with a screw lid. This votive candle is perfect for traveling or to try new fragrances. It will also make for a good quick gift for favors or stocking stuffers.
  • A 3.5 Oz pump room-body spray in a clear glass container. Packaged in a cylindrical slide tube box like expensive perfumes.
  • Voluspa took their run-away successful three wick tins from the Voluspa Japonica collection and made them a little smaller with two wicks instead of three. The price is also less. The two wicks throw more fragrance into your room, and create more light shadows for amazing effects.
  • A tall and slender ceramic jar with a hinged lid. The lid has openings to allow the fragrance to be released, although it is advised not to burn these candles with the lid closed. both the lid and container have brass rims for finish the luxurious look.

The fragrances of the Maison Collection are complex blends of some basic and many exotic ingredients. Three of the fragrances from the Voluspa Basics collection, that sadly will be retired, will caryy over to the new collection. These are the Voluspa Crisp Champagne, the Voluspa Vervaine Olive Leaf, and Voluspa Saijo Persimmon. Other fragrances resemble existing fragrances with a twist. The Vacarro Orange & Myrhh is similar to the Italian Tangelo with a bit more depth, the Black Figue & Chypre is a milder version the the Cardamon Fig. The Orangerie d’ Azahar is based on orange Blossoms oils like the Dahlia Orange Blossom candle. The Gardenia Colonia is a purer version of the Yashioka Gardenia. Laguna, is an oceanic fragrance the reminds us of the long retired and missed Aqua Deluxe.
Some of the new fragrances are the decadent Macaron, the sultry and a bit masculine Suede Blanc, the Amber Lumiere, which mixes rich amber with subtle hints of patchouli.

This collection is tour de force in fragrance and package design. Voluspa candles has done it again by introducing a collection that will stand out above the rest in the crowded world of decorative candles.