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10 ways to create an ambiance with candles

Candles create a sense of warmth and create an elegant statement wherever they you use them. Here are 10 ways you can use candles to enhance your ambiance:

  1. Use candles in groupings. This creates more of an impact as opposed to setting a single candle on a table. However, do not place too many clustered very close together, as that will create an up-draft, which will cause the candles to smoke.
  2. Use scented candles to create a scent that will enhance the mood you are trying to achieve. Scents have been proven to evoke certain feelings that these days many stores, boutiques and even grocery stores, car dealerships and investment houses pump fragrances into their HVAC systems to enhance the shopping experience. Use this same technique in your home or office.
  3. Mix different fragrances to create a scent that is all your own. For a fresh spring scent Try mixing a berry scent like the Votivo Red Currant Candle with a citrus candle such as the Voluspa Saijo Persimmon
  4. For more a more exotic mood, mix the Votivo Teak candle with a musky scent such as the Trapp Amber and Bergamot candle
  5. For dinner parties keep the scents away from the dinner table. You do not want anything to interfere with the food you slaved over all day. Use unscented candle tapers, pillar candles or votives to create a warm glowing
    atmosphere for dining.Voluspa-Votivo-Archipelago-
  6. In the kitchen, you can use some scented candles that will complement your food. Try the Voluspa Candles created in cooperation with renowned chef James Boyce with scents like Sommelier, Vintage, Herb Garden, and Chef’s Special.
  7. Use color to set the tone and complement your accessories. Many designers will use neutrals on larger furniture pieces, and then use accessories to create color splashes. Use candles to create a pink and red theme for Valentine’s Day, a pastel display for Easter, or rich warm tones for Fall and Holiday.
  8. For parties use Tea-lights in small sandwich bags weighed down with some sand and set on your porch and the path to your house to set the mood. You can use old glass containers, or inexpensive cylindrical glass jars from a florist supply shop with tea-lights to carry the same effect inside the house.
  9. Use Pillar Candles in groupings on large decorative plates surrounded by evergreens, Camellia leaves and blossoms, or and glossy showy leaves from your garden for a stunning center piece.
  10. Use Reed Diffusers in place of candles if you have any fear of setting your house on fire. Candles are extremely safe when burned as directed and have been used for centuries for lighting and decoration.

Candle Burning Tips

We all love to burn candles around our home, some of us more religiously than others. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your candles and make them last longer, whether you are using Pillar Candles, or candles in containers.

Wickman wick Trimmer
Wickman wick Trimmer
  • Always trim the wick, to 1/4 inch the first time, and before relighting. A Wickman Wick Trimmer will cut the wick and remove the cut part, preventing it from falling in the wax. Some wicks are self trimming,kind of like self-heading flowers.
  • Burn the candle until the top surface is liquefied. Burning for short periods at a time, causes tunneling, where the candle burns straight down, wasting valuable wax aroundthe edges.
  • Burn two or three different scents to create your own special fragrance combination. Combine different notes of earthy, floral, and rich scents, for a combination that is all yourown.
  • Your candle will scent the room even when not burning and fragrance oils in candles do evaporate over time. If you will not be using a candle for a long time, seal it with a cover, or plastic wrap and store in a climate controlled area.
  • To reuse spent candle containers, fill them in a bucket of very warm water, for fifteen minutes. Keep the water at one inch below the rim of the candle container. The wax should be soft enough to remove with a dull knife and take care not pour melted wax down the drain. Now you can wash the left over residue in very warm water.
  • Never let the flame reach the sides of glass containers. If the wick moved sideways, you
    Wickman wick dipper
    Wickman wick dipper

    can re-center it with an old metal utensil ora Wickman wick dipper, while the wax is melted.

  • Stop burning the candle at half an inch above the bottom. The flame can break glass containers if it reached the bottom.
  • Always burn candles safely and keep out of the reach of children.