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Trapp Fragrances Hearth & Fireside Pumpkin

Trapp Fragrances Hearth & Fireside Pumpkin

Elegantly packaged and gift ready, these two fragrances from Trapp may be enjoyed during the Autumn and Winter seasons, or any time you feel like snuggling with a blanket and a book.

These fragrances are now also offered in the Wax Melts.  These do require an additional investment in a Wax Warmer (Melter), however it is a very economical way of enjoying the fragrances and also allows for easy mixing of fragrances for a signature scent that is all your own.

The Trapp Seasonal Candles make for great house warming and holiday gifts.  This season (Autumn 2015) Zanadia.com is offering a bonus seasonal candle with the purchase of four Trapp Seasonal candles.  That is quite a deal to buy four, and receive the fifth free.  The great thing is that the order will also ship free as Zanadia offers free shipping with a low minimum requirement.

Fireside Pumpkin: Warm New England Spiced Pumpkins, warmed with a touch of glowing embers.
Hearth: Notes of autumn leaves, wild black currant, crushed nutmeg and sweet apricot comfort with feelings of family and memories of home

Trapp Candles: A bottle of perfume in every candle

Developing a niche is a very important aspect of any candle company’s need to flourish and prosper whether it is Voluspa, Archipelago, Aquiesse or Trapp candles. It is a method of standing out from the crowd and appealing to a specific segment of customers. Each of these very successful companies approaches branding and niche development in a different

Trapp Candles and diffusers
Trapp Candles and diffusers

For Trapp candles, the most important focus of their business motto is “it is about the fragrance.” Trapp fragrances are not subtle, they completely envelope a room in a matter in a matter of minutes and Trapp takes pride in saying “A bottle of perfume in every candle.”

Trapp takes pride in saying “A bottle of perfume in every candle”

Trapp has a very loyal following of customers that appreciate the fragrance qualities of the candles, votives and diffusers that they make. Trapp’s customers become loyal to certain fragrances and tend to brand themselves with one particular scent. Among the top Trapp fragrances are Orange Vanilla, Bob’s Flower Shoppe, Fresh Cut Tuberose, and Mediterranean Fig.
Scent is a very subjective quality and it evokes a different feeling or a different time or place in each one of us. The fragrances of Trapp candles will transform you to your special place, just find yourself in one of these categories and choose the scent that most awakens your senses.

Woodsy: Burmese Wood, Exotic Musk, Teak & Oud Wood, and Amber & Bergamot
Homey: Orange Vanilla, Bobs Flower Shoppe, and Sexy Cinnamon
Flowery: Honeysuckle, Lavender de Provence, and Pure Peony
Fruity: Mandarin and Goji, Pink Grapefruit, Pear, and Macintosh
Fresh: Water, Lotus Lychee and Pure Linen